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Add Custom-Cut Glass in Dallas, TX, to Your Walls

Mirrors and windows are two of the best additions to your home. What might seem like a simple design element quickly shows its worth as these additions begin to expand the feel of your space while still giving you that aesthetic boost you are after. County Line Glass & Mirror is ready to give your home that added touch of elegance with our custom-cut glass in Dallas, TX.

From one-of-a-kind glass installation in Dallas, TX, to simple glass repair in Irving, TX, our team is ready to impress you with our high level of expertise and craftsmanship when it comes to working with mirrors. Contact our glass installers today to consult with us about the different mirror ideas you have for your home or business.


Through the Looking Glass

By adding a mirror to an empty wall, you can make the space appear larger. This can be an excellent tactic for offices or rooms that would otherwise feel a bit cramped. With our custom-cut glass, you can add this perceived space while making an artistic statement at the same time.

Our team is ready to measure, cut, drill, polish, and install custom-fit mirrors for your property. We use plate mirrors that are a quarter of an inch thick and adhesive that is specially formulated to hold tightly. This helps to ensure that your new mirror is safe and sound.

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